Crack Filling

• How do you repair cracks?

Chip's Strips Striping uses a rubberized, single compound asphalt crack and joint sealant hot applied at typically 350°-400° . This product is designed to seal both primary and secondary cracks ranging 1/8th of an inch to approximately 1 inch wide as well as to seal expansion joints, or deteriorating seams.

• What causes asphalt cracking?

Some causes for cracking include inadequate asphalt thickness, poor compaction at time of paving, unsuitable soils used below asphalt ,heavy vehicle traffic, roots from nearby trees, and the annual freeze and thaw, to name a few.

• Why repair now?

Once water starts penetrating and flowing through the cracks, the soil below the pavement begins to wash out. With no support beneath it, the pavement will start to sink resulting in a pothole, as well as secondary cracking nearby. As winter settles in so does moisture, including in the cracked areas of the asphalt. Some areas with a lot of cracking will heave more easily as water below freezes inviting plows or heavy traffic to tear up and knock loose any distressed areas. Cracks are opportunities for weeds and other native vegetation to grow within further worsening pavement conditions and the property’s appearance. Seal now, save later! Asphalt maintenance can be expensive, and the price increases in relation to the asphalt’s condition.

Because not all cracks can be treated in this manner, waiting too long to repair can result in needing serious, and costly, asphalt repair beyond just crack filling. For example, “alligator” or “chicken wire” cracks, resulting from being left untreated to long, will need asphalt patching which is significantly more expensive. It is our recommendation that cracks be treated as soon as they reach 1/8th of an inch wide.

• Preparation

Chips Strips Lot Striping mechanically deepens and cleans the cracks so the depth of the crack is the same as the width of the crack. This means that a crack that is a ½ inch wide should be cleaned out a ½ inch deep for proper sealing. We also remove weeds and ensure that pavement is dry for optimal adhesion.

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