Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot is one of the first things seen by your customers and potential customers. A freshly striped parking lot looks attractive and is a good indicator that you care and have a well maintained property. This is especially important to property owners who lease their space. Parking lot safety and traffic direction is a result of a well planned and striped parking lot.

Chips Strips Lot Striping can provide the following:

  • Restripe your existing parking lot
  • Layout your parking lot from blueprints supplied by customer.
  • Work on developing new parking lot layouts. If you are a property owner we will work with you to improve your property with a safe parking lot that meets ADA requirements.

Keep your pavement markings clear and visible to ensure safety and maximize efficiency. Let your business be ready to welcome customers safely, effectively and with a professional look.

If your lot has been newly paved or sealed, you are in need of a new layout. We are equipped to layout your site according to your prepared layout plan, should it exist. If not, we are fully equipped to offer layout advice for your specific needs.

We are fully prepared to advise you on those tough or odd shaped lots. We are able to show you different ways to align your lot and to maximize your space while maintaining a legal, safe and sensible flow to your lot.

Many companies only offer "blacking out", a process of applying black paint over existing markings. When the black paint fades away, the pavement markings you wanted gone are still there. We are proud to offer permanent line removal. We remove lines by sand blasting them and removing them completely from the pavement. However, should you prefer a less expensive and faster solution, we are more than happy to provide you black out services..

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